TR CU 032/2013


On Safety of high pressure equipment


This technical regulation establishes safety requirements for equipment in the development (design), production (manufacturing), as well as requirements for labeling equipment in order to protect human life and health, property, prevention of actions misleading consumers.

This technical regulation applies to the following types of equipment:

vessels for gases, liquefied gases, dissolved under pressure, vapours and used for working environments group 1 and having:

  • a maximum allowable operating pressure in excess of 0.05 MPa, a capacity greater than 0,001 m3 and the
    product of the maximum allowable working pressure on the value of capacity, constituting more than 0.0025 MPa • m3,
  • maximum allowable working pressure of over 20 MPa, capacity more than 0.0001 m3 to 0.001 m3

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